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TOT-taming for Beleaguered Office Workers

TOT-taming is reaching out to more beleaguered office workers this month with articles appearing in Forbes, CBS/MoneyWatch and Media Bistro. Forbes highlighted Seven Ways to Tame an Office Tyrant — don’t let them see you sweat, listen actively, be a role model, be a problem solver, harness strengths and weaknesses, use humor and show empathy. Of […]

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Survey: Boss Behavior Causes Rampant Worrying

Workplace Expert, Author, Provides Career Tips for 2010 and Beyond SANTA MONICA, Calif., Jan. 13 — According to a new survey released today by national workplace expert Lynn Taylor, author of Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant™ (TOT) (John Wiley & Sons), U.S. employees spend 19.2 hours a week (13 hours during the work week and […]

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Is Your Career Poised for Success in 2010?

In Psychology, I talk about how you can shore up your job and career skills for 2010, and I’d like to address that here. I also hope that the New Year brings you much joy in your career, and life! Many had to settle for a less-than-agreeable (or bad) boss, take a pay cut, […]

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