A Case for Mondays

The weekend just flew by; the alarm clock is going off on a Monday morning. You open your eyes; you are about to start the day. Scratch that – after the weekend break Monday morning feels like the start of the week. There are a number of things to be done, from the most mundane to possibly life-changing – what should you do first? Does it make any difference, you ask? It definitely does.

Monday morning is the corner stone of the coming week. It influences your mindset in a positive or negative way depending on what actions you decide to take. So instead of just closing your eyes and rushing the approaching tidal wave choose things that will help you to navigate it easier. People who consistently wrangle success out of the chaos of the weekly grind have a habit of starting with things that will help them stay in control.

Recently I discussed this topic with Jacquelyn Smith of Business Insider, and it resulted in 15 Things Successful People Do On Monday Mornings that I recommend you read in its entirety, and use. If you compensate for all the anticipated distraction and intensity by remembering to focus, plan, and stay calm, you won’t relive Monday all over again on Tuesday.