A Stress-Free Vacation: The Stuff Of Dreams?

In our minds, a future vacation is often like a quiet oasis at the end of the rough desert of a busy year, beckoning from afar with visions of worry-free … (insert some activity here – beach-lounging, mountain-climbing, etc.) – till it’s actually vacation time. Then the oasis often turns to be not so quiet. And even if it is, that long-anticipated quietude has a lot looming over it – potential disruptions reaching all the way from your boss’ desk, or your own restless thoughts about the very work you’re taking a break from. The question is – can something be done to make sure our vacation is not just another source of stress?

Employees often think in great detail about their vacation plans — but not enough about how to minimize boss-related stresses and office disruptions while away. Communicate with your boss to make sure you are not leaving a gap by taking a break. Planning ahead at work will be well worth the effort when it’s time to check out.

The recent installment of my Psychology Today blog offers some suggestions on how to plan it best, what to anticipate, and how to mitigate the Terrible Office Tyrant’s (TOT’s) separation anxiety if your boss just cannot let you go.

Among other things, you’ll need to:

• Be careful about your timing

• Cover your bases at work

• Set the ground rules

Additionally, I suggest would-be vacationers read this article by Forbes.com writer Jacquelyn Smith (quoting yours truly, among other experts): How To Take A Stress-Free Vacation From Your Stressful Job. And start getting ready, truly ready for that long-due break.