Communication Secrets: The One-On-One Meeting

One of the secrets of a healthy boss/employee relationship is great communication. I believe that you should meet with your boss regularly to build rapport and address questions directly. However, if you have a contentious relationship with your manager, you might have had mixed results in meetings, especially if your past attempts only dealt with your problems and gripes.

My recommendation: invest in good communication over the long-term. That includes setting up a predictable schedule for meetings, so both of you can be prepared – and neither of you feels blindsided by a surprise meeting. Be organized and prepare a basic agenda to keep the meetings on track and on schedule.

Finally, bring some balance to the meetings. Don’t just bring problems to the meetings. That casts a very dark cloud over every meeting, and your boss may understandably want to avoid regular gloom. Bring some positivity to your pow-wow. Share a status update and discuss your accomplishments since the last meeting. And don’t make it all about you…ask your boss how things are going. You might be able to help her with some of her problems, which might make her a little bit more sunny too.

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