Don’t Miss Your Turn

You are going to a job interview; you are ready (or so you think) to answer some questions, and intend to ask some as well. And ask you certainly should, but carefully and discriminately. What you ask during the interview may be critical to your chances of landing a dream job. An awkward question can easily become a turn off for the hiring manager. Too often, job seekers feel so fortunate to secure an interview that they neglect to spend enough time preparing well thought-out questions. You may not get a chance to inquire again, so be sure to maximize the opportunity.

The more you know, the better your ability to match your background and responses to the position, “real-time”—so don’t forget your homework. A strong two-way interchange projects an admirable, inquisitive mind and demonstrates that you can think on your feet. Typically toward the end of the meeting, your interviewer will ask if you have any questions. Avoid the kiss of death finale: “No, I think we’ve covered everything.” Take this opportunity to ask meaningful questions that will enhance your job prospects.

You, of course, will come to an interview with your own set of pertinent questions. There are a few inquiries that, I feel, should definitely make your list—check them out in my latest article for