Gain the Confidence of Your Boss

Enhance Your Career Without Alienating Your Co-Workers

Being a boss’s go-to person and confidante can help your career in life changing ways. It demonstrates that you can be trusted and have leadership skills to take charge in your manager’s absence. The positive reinforcement you receive feeds on itself and enhances your productivity.

Call it Pavlovian or just human nature, but we’re all motivated by praise and positive reinforcement to work at our maximum capacity. As long as no favoritism is shown among your equally qualified office-mates, being a trusted confidante is a win-win. The key is to know how to attain and sustain that coveted, career-worthy role; it requires some strategic moves. By offering your best performance, maintaining proper communication and “managing up” as necessary, you can become a true, go-to confidante. For tips on key aspects of this process, showing how to make this work without becoming a “brown-nose” and alienating your co-workers, read my recent article on