How to Look for a Job While You’re Pregnant

You’re a professional woman job-hunting while pregnant. Your pregnancy may not seem like the ideal time to job search, but you can turn that thought around and make your new job perfect for you, baby and your new boss.

Take the time to plan out your strategy. Carefully consider the type of schedule you want at work before and after the baby arrives. Before you launch your search, consider what would be the perfect fit: flexible schedule, daycare benefits, short commute and the ability to work from home are all possibilities. Identify employers with a desirable maternity leave and prenatal, medical and daycare plan. You may also want to consider contract work for maximum flexibility if you can handle the medical expenses as an independent contractor.

Dress your best

Then, for the all-important interview, dress your professional best. Whether your baby bump is showing or not, this is a critical time to look professional. First impressions count, so choose your wardrobe carefully. If you’re early in your pregnancy, choose comfortable wide belts that conceal the classic open pant button on your favorite business pants. When you look your best, you feel your best and when you feel your best you project confidence.

In my latest Psychology Today article, How to Look for a Job While You’re Pregnant, I suggest more wise steps to take to land a new job and the perfect ideal work/life balance that will leave you feeling empowered to go for it.

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