How to Tame a Whiny Boss

Don’t Let Your Boss Sap Your Energy

The office is quiet, yet buzzing with the low hum of hard work. The mood is serious when your boss makes an appearance and starts to whine: “Aren’t you finished yet? But whyyyy? I’ve been waiting forever. What’s taking so loooong?…” Sounds familiar?

In the latest issue of my Psychology Today blog I explain what makes your Terrible Office Tyrant (TOT) groan endlessly. I also offer tips on how you can tame a whiny TOT.

Toddler whining and TOT whining have a lot in common. Small children are dependent and often resentful of the fact that so little is in their control. TOTs in the workplace are no strangers to grousing. It’s a way to get what they want, be it comfort and support or results and achievement. If you indulge your TOT, he may reach back for the tactic when struggling with feelings of inadequacy, fear, loneliness, or fatigue. So your job can become exhausting as a result.

How to tame a whining TOT

Whining is a behavior most TOTs (with help from TOT tamers) can control, if given the proper mindset, instructions and encouragement. Consistency is key, no matter how annoying the whining gets. “TOT Tamers” must be willing to demonstrate clear expectations and not get drawn into the emotions of the moment. Read the complete article at for the real reasons of your TOT’s whining and for tips on how to make it stop.