How to Tell Your Boss You’re Pregnant

8 ways to Stay Empowered

You’ve just been delivered the good news and want to tell everyone – I’M HAVING A BABY!

But before you jump ahead, consider a successful strategy that not only counters any concerns among your boss or colleagues – but also creates the right mindset for you. That will boost your confidence, performance and overall job satisfaction.

You also want to be prepared to answer questions about maternity leave or future plans – even if to respond by saying you don’t have any specifics – but remain dedicated to the company.

This is one of the most precious experiences of your life (it was for me) – so why not take steps to embrace it at work?

In my latest Psychology Today article I suggest some preplanning before you tell your boss and work-mates, and 8 ways to stay empowered during the process.

During this exhilarating phase of your life, you can carry your baby bump with pride. Maintain a professional demeanor, good posture – and look and feel your best during the entire transition. Your role as a mom is about to create a new dimension of responsibility and wisdom that transcends the office – and can even apply to the office!