“If You Want to Keep Something Priceless…”

(Like People You Work With)

Companies are not built of brick and mortar; they are “built” of people, and losing that “most valuable asset” can cause a major setback. Not just in terms of lost time on projects, but also in restarting the hiring and training process; potential lost business or corporate practices shared with the competition; and the impact on reputation. Sure, no one is irreplaceable, but replacing key people carries a huge price tag.

Retaining the best and the brightest is what ultimately matters. Hiring is on the uptick, so employees have options. Paying won’t guarantee commitment. How you treat your team is the more sustainable factor in retention. Today more than ever, it’s no longer just about “a job”…it’s about people’s lives. Emotional intelligence continues to gain visibility for this reason.

Recently I, along with other sources, contributed to the article, 35 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Employees From Quitting, by Business Insider’s Jacquelyn Smith. My approach, as always, takes into account the importance of interpersonal communication and a trusted workplace. Read the complete article at BusinessInsider.com—it’s a useful read for both manager and employee.