Success In The New Millennium

How Generation Y Use Their Downtime.

“We all define ‘success’ differently, but most millennials associate it with happiness, good health, a strong social network, and a well-balanced life,” – says Jacquelyn Smith in her article 13 Things Successful Millennials Do In Their Spare Time, on the popular Business Insider website.

For this article I discussed with Ms. Smith how smart use of downtime by 20–30-somethings may enhance their ability to achieve these things and create a perfect work-life balance with positive outlook in all their endeavors.

Developing good life habits will put you at the top of your game at the office. For example, taking enough time to recharge and pay attention to fitness and diet, after work or on weekends. Healthy mind and body help you do your best work. Knowing that you are achieving great results at the office further encourages you to relax and follow your passions during your leisure time. It’s really a self-perpetuating approach.

For the 13 things that’ll help you develop a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle, I recommend you read Ms. Smith’s article.

Speaking of a well-rounded lifestyle – hobbies are an important feature of many people’s life. So much so that you may have to discuss your hobbies during a job interview. Jacquelyn Smith discusses just that in another article – What Hiring Managers Really Want To Know When They Ask, ‘What Are Your Hobbies? It’s a useful read, even if you are not looking for a new job right now.