“Tomorrow Is Another Day”, Sure, But …

It’s Up To You To Make It A Good One

A few days ago I spoke about the importance of starting your work day properly. A good start, though, is only half of the puzzle of being productive. How you end your day is equally critical. Both pieces are like bookends that carry extra weight relative to what happens in between. They’re like first and last impressions that hold tremendous impact on your view of your work, attitude and productivity level. The end of your day sets the stage for tomorrow, and the start of your day sets the stage for today.

So it’s quite logical that Jacquelyn Smith’s excellent piece 14 Things You Should Do at the Start of Every Work Day (Forbes.com) would have a follow-up. I was happy to contribute, along with a number of career and workplace experts and authors of popular books.

Evaluating your to-do list, reviewing your next-day schedule, checking in with your boss and colleagues – those are a few of the things you must never forget to do as you wrap up your day. Leaving on a positive note is important, as it creates a feel-good atmosphere that will carry into the next day.

In the end, going home with the feeling of having done everything right will ensure that your free time is completely yours, with no fears of untied loose ends lurking in the back of your mind. Read the article at Forbes.com to make sure you have a comprehensive end-of-the-day routine.