TOT Tamer Advice Column: TOT Proofing Yourself!

Hi Lynn:
I have about five people report to me at my agency. I just came across your website and I’m really impressed. I’d like to know what advice you can give me because I really want my employees to like and respect me. Thanks.

Hi Miriam:

Congratulations, you are making a conscious decision to take some time to self-reflect and assess your role as a manager. There are very few bosses who do this. Your employees should know what an excellent role-model you are!

Bad behavior exhibited by bosses is like a virus that spreads through an organization. If the bosses act like children so will the workers. However, if the organization’s leadership is exceptional, the staff therefore will be and the customer service will follow. It’s a domino effect. Fortunately, if you are thinking about how to be a better boss, you are well on your way to avoiding becoming a Terrible Office Tyrant™!

My advice: Have an open-door policy with your employees. Strive for good communication at all times. Take a personal interest in their goals and dreams. Keep doing what you are doing!

Best regards,


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