Unravel Your Corporate Culture

In addition to the resources at the Tame Your TOT site, which is your first stop for information about dealing with difficult and frustrating bosses, I’ve also created some articles at www.lynntaylorconsulting.com that might be of interest to you. I recently wrote about corporate culture, something that affects all of us. Here’s a sneak preview:

Corporate culture is a mysterious term that every employee can describe, but it’s different at every company, and different for every person. One thing most will agree upon, however, is that it matters.

Why is corporate culture such an important factor of career life? Because it has nothing to do with what you studied, your technical skills, your job history, your most notable accomplishments, or your great business contacts. But it has everything to do with your success at your job.

Check out the complete article here and be sure to visit the site, too.