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Welcome to The TOT Blog, the interactive space for the Tame Your TOT™ community! What’s a TOT? It’s a Terrible Office Tyrant™ – a manager who behaves in a childish or childlike manner. Sometimes that boss behaves like a brat, but other times, he or she appears to be a helpless toddler. Since you’re here, you probably face such frustrations and challenges with your boss. I think you’ll find this site to be of help – and maybe even a source of some levity!

My goal is to help you humanize your workplace – help create an environment where respect, collaboration, better understanding, and “fun” rule the day. When you have greater control over your work life, you reduce your stress level and can actually look forward to the office. We want to help you change the way you think about work. Not surprisingly, the result of all this is enhanced corporate productivity, which circles around to benefit you as well. Tame Your TOT is designed for employers and employees alike. No one wants to work for a TOT, but no one wants to employ one, either.

The TOT Tamer Advice Column is a regular feature on the TOT Blog. I’ll be answering questions on dealing with difficult bosses, navigating office politics, and career changes. Post a comment after any TOT Blog, and I’ll try my best to answer your question. You can also visit our main site at https://tameyourtot.com/ to post your question. I welcome any feedback…and your stories!

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