Why Do Bosses Panic?

Since some of my recent blog entries have addressed parallels between bosses and children, I wanted to share an excerpt from a recent article I wrote called Childlike Fear, Corporate Consequences. If you’ve ever dealt with a boss who has behaved irrationally, this might help explain why.

“Sometimes Terrible Office Tyrants (TOTs)™ panic excessively for no reason, like little tykes. It can be caused by small irritable things, like no breakfast or sleep deprivation — or something seemingly serious, such as a possible dip in profits. But it’s the “possible” that makes the difference between a clear thinking manager and a TOT. Toddlers and young children can have supercharged irrational fears because for them, in the absence of knowledge, anxiety quickly fills the void.”

For ideas and solutions on dealing with fearful bosses, click here to read the full article at www.tameyourtot.com.

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