TOT Tamer Advice Column: Managing Up

Dear Lynn, I work with many doctors everyday. It’s hard to get to know anyone really well. Because doctors tend to be really arrogant and self-centered, I’m wondering if you can give me some advice on how to knock them back down to earth? –Jon Hi Jon: First things first… let’s not knock anyone down […]

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Dare To Share Your Story!

Got a TOT? You’re not alone! Dare to share your story at the TOT Blog with other TOT tamers in the making, while Lynn helps you: cope with difficult or childish bosses and office politics, and humanize your workplace™ with your new Managing Up and people skills. The end result? Greater fulfillment in your job […]

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Welcome To The TOT Blog!

Welcome to The TOT Blog, the interactive space for the Tame Your TOT™ community! What’s a TOT? It’s a Terrible Office Tyrant™ – a manager who behaves in a childish or childlike manner. Sometimes that boss behaves like a brat, but other times, he or she appears to be a helpless toddler. Since you’re here, […]

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