2018 is a Time for Change and Growth

The New Year is a great time to examine your life and see if you are in a rut or have goals that excite you. Just listing your goals will give you a direction for forward movement. But after you list your goals what’s stopping you from fulfilling them? Is it fear of the unknown, lack of faith or simply complacency?

What if you took that leap of faith and pursued a new path in your career or personal life? You know, the one that has been in the back of your mind. Could that became your challenge for 2018? Fear of the unknown is a big driver of inaction. But what if this was the year you finally pursued a new avenue you’ve long avoided?

In my latest article for Psychology Today, “Dare to Seek Change in 2018” I give you ten motivational tools to consider that will help you live a life worth living.

Here’s a modified sample:
1. Create a quiet space. When you let go of the constant noise that’s in your head, ideas flow in. Make quiet time a daily habit.
2. Know your goal. Once you know your goal – from one sentence to a full-blown outline – you can start taking steps to get there. Your goal may change along the path – don’t be afraid to modify it. It’s your goal, not some else’s.
3. Find the thrill. Remember what excites you and go there. Think about situations and projects that have given you the most joy. Was it a time when you played to your strengths.
4. Start with a blank slate. What is you could start again but with all the knowledge and skills you’ve already obtained. What would your life look like in ten years if you envisioned it from scratch?
5. Focus. When you lose sight of your objectives you may take your dreams in the wrong direction. Keep your eye on the big picture.
6. Know your options. Often friends, colleagues, mentors or coaches appreciate qualities in you that you either put down or don’t acknowledge as important. Examine what others say about you more closely. Look at what you like to do in your spare time – read, take courses, talk about with friends. Explore your passions.

For all ten tips please read my full article, Dare to Seek Change in 2018, and make 2018 a year of joy and unimaginable success.