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This Is How Political Activism Can Affect Your Job

In the United States, political activism is thought of as a right – “freedom of speech” – but corporate America doesn’t always see it that way. Employers are free to write their own policies, including limiting some political participation, even what you do outside of work in some cases. That may not the best approach […]

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What Personal Brand Are You Conveying at Work?

Is it time for spring-cleaning and updating your brand image? It could be you’ve gotten into a rut when it comes to your work routine, personal appearance, or your approach to work. Maybe you haven’t tapped into your skills or passions. With spring in the air and new possibilities on the horizon, it may be […]

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Let Go of Fear in the New Year: Add Risk-Taking to Your 2017 Resolutions

The New Year has arrived and with it comes new hurdles, excitement and opportunities, and . . . if you let it, a time for a new, empowered you! A primary directive to feeling empowered is letting go of fear. The fear of taking risks could be the single most critical barrier between you and […]

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