Calming Your Job Jitters

The unemployment climate has made even the most confident employees nervous as recently discussed in Inc. and our national study. With workplace stress up, it’s not only your manager’s responsibility to ease your worries. You can take proactive steps to overcome these jitters. As one proverb says, “Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is.”

There are a few basic things that you can be doing during this uncertain time. Firstly, do your best every day because really nothing else is in your control. Second, keep busy. Volunteer for tasks that you know need attention. Take opportunities to highlight and deploy your strengths to the benefit of you and your employer.

In addition, there are small yet effective steps you can take to reduce stress during your day:

Personalize your work space with a photo that is funny, endearing, beautiful, or relaxing. Anything that puts your mind at ease — a short getaway of sorts – can be a powerful way to feel good in a flash.While it’s always good to talk to someone with whom who you can commiserate, instead call someone who is guaranteed to lift your spirits during a break from work.

Use positive energy when you’re faced with difficult challenges. Visualize yourself getting through a conflict with a Terrible Office TyrantTM (TOT) boss or peer. Picture a positive outcome. Take it a step further, and despite the difficult employment climate, see yourself getting praise from your boss or even receiving a promotion.

There are ways to take control and not let fears devour your day. Focus on doing great work and surround yourself with supportive people and positive thinking.