Changing Careers in Today’s Economy

Changing jobs is always stressful, but coupled with economic uncertainty, it can be frightening! The first thing to do is take some time for yourself to clear your head and re-energize. With the stress and pressure of job-hunting, it’s good to get away and have a little fun. This will enable you to redirect your focus and come back with more motivation.

The next thing to consider is whether you have set reasonable expectations. Are you trying to change industries and roles? The safest approach is usually to switch roles in the same industry or keep the same role but switch industries. Make one change, but not both right now.

The old saying still holds true that it is not necessarily “what you know, but who you know.” Start spreading the word as quickly as possible. Let your friends and family know that you are looking for new job opportunities and you would like to enlist their help. This is also a good time to lean on them for emotional support and balance.

Continue looking for opportunities and pursue leads. If you know someone that is leaving their job, find out if you possess the required skill set for that job and if so, apply for it. Just because the overall economy is bad, doesn’t mean all industries are failing. Even if a particular company is in a lay-off or merger mode, they may need someone with your strengths and experience. Companies continue to change and grow so you should always be aware and alert.

If you do not have a new job lined-up before you leave your last position, you may want to consider freelance or consulting work. What are your gifts and strengths? Is there something you would like to pursue but have not been able to until now? Do you need to build your portfolio? Use your talents during this time to make an income while you continue looking for a new job.

Finally, understand that this is just temporary and this economic uncertainty will not last forever. Embrace it as a time for yourself to pursue other passions or to develop your skill set in another capacity. Explore what matters most to you and where you see yourself in 5 to 10 years and then take the necessary steps to get to that place!

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