Five Things Not to Do in a Job Interview

In my latest article for Psychology Today I talk about winning in that high-stake game – the job interview. Seemingly insignificant mistakes can lead to a job opportunity slamming shut in your face. But putting attention on a few key things and keeping a positive attitude will help you to get through. Here is a snippet:

You haven’t had a job in months, money is tight, and you’re losing patience in your search. Then you get “the call!” You secure a job interview and think, “Did this hiring manager misdial? “Did I just hit the lottery?” You leave your home for the appointment, but your downbeat persona follows you. If you’re finding that during interviews, your posture, expression and responses show you’re not on top of your game—stop the presses! It’s time to hit “reset” if you really want to land a great job.

It’s very easy to become jaded after countless failed job search efforts, but you can make a concerted effort to change your attitude to the positive. If it’s any easier, consider it a challenge to try a new mindset. Even if you won the Nobel Peace Prize—twice—a negative tone would offset that lofty achievement! Most everyone can afford to take their level of enthusiasm up a notch during job interviews—and they will likely increase their odds of success significantly.

Although you might have regretted an interview response or two in the past, as most mortals have, you can avoid some faux pas by knowing some of the more common pitfalls in advance. For the five DON’Ts and Do’s to help you shine in your next job interview, read the article at