Have You Seen The Horrible Bosses Sequel?

(I Hope It Doesn’t Remind You Of Someone You Know)

Horrible Bosses Two is in theaters, and whether you’ve seen the movie or not, it’s a good reminder to check whether those two words also sum up your current work situation. Bosses with exalted, entitled views of their authority may act out not unlike ‘terrible twos’ toddlers. And not surprisingly, your difficult boss also requires parental-style managing (minus the patronizing, of course).

Give an “all-powerful” person or child the word “No,” or a bad situation they can’t change, and watch the TOT emerge. They’re used to getting what they want, based on their power and past experiences. When this doesn’t happen, you start seeing regressive behavior … the worst of which is the famed tantrum. And only the voice of reason, namely you, can help.

So, read on to find out what other tools, along with the aforementioned laughter, you can use to create a balanced work environment and thrive in your job.