How Do You Cope with Annoying Co-Workers?

There is an important corollary to the phrase “It takes all kinds to make a world”: some of those “kinds” are not always easy to be around. If the micro-world of your workplace includes someone annoying, there’s no picking and choosing; you’ve got to stick it out. (Not that we are all perfect.)

But there are some people who make you wish they had an “off” switch. Recently I contributed to an article at listing “18 types of coworkers you absolutely can’t stand,” with tips on how to deal with them and their particular “contributions.”

Working with Business Insider’s Jacquelyn Smith, I discuss ways to deal even with the most annoying of coworkers. We came up with another article offering twenty-three simple steps you can take to correct uncomfortable situations.

Remember, it’s how you react to a setback that really impacts your job, and maybe your career. Try your best to limit confrontation, maximize professionalism, and deploy defensive moves — what you do have control over. With a little humility, you’re likely to create a more acceptable and even pleasant work environment for everyone.

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