Are You a Good Boss or a Bad Boss?

The Test That Really Matters

Boss” is a word that has so many negative connotations, people sometimes forget “good bosses” even exist. No-one is going to make a movie called “Wonderful Bosses” anytime soon, or remake “The Office” with Tom Hanks as a team leader that’s just so darn loveable. Anybody who has dealt with “Terrible Office Tyrants” or TOTs is aware that most people in a position of power are likely to have their bad boss or TOT moments.

We all witness regressions reminiscent of bad bosses, with managers, employees, clients, relatives, friends, clerks, and just about every mortal we come across. Why? Because we’re all human, and whether we’re two or 52, we still share all the same basic feelings of fear, power, love, hunger, anger, wanting praise, recognition, appreciation, and so on.

So here’s a different slant on the subject. The anti-TOT (Terrible Office Tyrant), or good boss. How does a boss measure up, not just in terms of emotional intelligence, but also as a leader and mentor? In my latest article on I offer a “What kind of boss are you?” quiz that I also share on LinkedIn. It’s not a scientific test, but it is based on quantitative and anecdotal research compiled over more than 20 years by Lynn Taylor Consulting.

Some self-reflection is always a good idea—to ensure we channel our emotions into manageable, socially acceptable ways in the workplace. So, instead of posting the results of “What kind of flower are you?” on the social media, head on to or my LinkedIn page and take the quiz that’ll help you in real life.